Nur Hilal Kücükekmekci


Halo semuanya! Namaku Hilal. Which can be easily translated into “Hi guys! My name is Hilal”. I am from Germany, but if you look back at my roots, then I am ethnic Turkish. Well, whatever you can call “ethnic” Turkish, as my parents are both from Turkey, but one of my grand-grand- (I don’t know if I have to add another grand) father was from Georgia. And I am sure, that there are some more hidden facts about my origin, but let’s keep it simple: I am a Turkish girl from Germany. I usually just refer to myself as an “earthling”, as I don’t really like the concept of nations – but this is kind of confusing to some, as people love to lable things. So, here I am now in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Marie Wicht


My name is Marie and I want to take you on a journey to Jogjakarta, Indonesia. With this blog, I want to capture experiences, encounters and all the other things that I’ll find exciting.

After my finals last year, I’ve earned money with several temporary jobs and then travelled through Southern Europe. Now I want to spend three month with relatives, a mixed Indo-German family, in their home in Jogja. Get to know the country, the people and daily life in Indonesia. This blog is personal and spontaneous: no conceited, perfect articles, but intuitive accounts. Currently, I do several creative internships in design, film – and writing.

I come from Wuppertal, Germany, which at this moment is 14.616 kilometer away. And I can feel the distance, also mentally: in the behavior of many people here, in the traffic, in family life, in cultural rules. I’ll try my best to describe all these things, of course, from my subjective view – little scenes from daily life, but also big events.

Let’s see what will happen during my time here!