Residency Program 2017


Cibele Poggiali Arabe & Bagus Dwi Danto

With the Biennale Jogja XIV (series Equator #IV) focussing on Brazil as guest country, Jogja InterKultur took the opportunity to deeper explore similarities and differences between Indonesia and Brasil and open a discourse – accessible not only for artists, academics and activists, but also for the members of the communities involved. Thanks to the support of German Aid organization Misereor, we could invite Brazilian and Indonesian scholar Cibele Poggiali Arabe to do a collaborative on-the-spot-research on social realities in Indonesian communities, both in the city and on the countryside, which later will be compared to relating issues in Brazil.

In her project „Kampung and Favela“, Cibele explores a quarter in the middle of the city of Jogjakarta together with street artist group Survive Garage. 

With another research in West Kalimantan she explores life in a traditional Dayak village together with musician Bagus Dwi Danto alias Sisir Tanah. 

The result of both artistic research collaborations will later be presented literally, visually and acoustically  at the parallel program of the Biennale Jogja XIV in Jogja National Museum. 

Cibele Poggiali Arabe

Master in Sustainable Tourism and specialist of cultural and independent travel, Cibele finds in the diversity of the world one of the main motions of her life. She has been living in different countries for the past decade, on land and at sea, getting involved in projects along the way, sharing her deep interest in people and their realities.

Since long Cibele has been connected to Indonesia, through a close friend abroad, the books of co-worker and anthropologist Franck Michel, and a library project he is the co-founder and which they run with their association's members and people from Wanagiri, northern Bali ( She started coming to the country over a year ago, and keeps on getting inspired by it, especially on the relations she finds with her home country, Brazil. 

She is the international correspondent of “La croisée des routes” and Franck Michel’s international literary agent. She also works as a sustainable travel consultant and organizer, and is always reinventing herself through new perspectives.

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